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Canon 5D Mark II was a game changer for photography industry, with almost one third price of a full frame DSLR camera offered by competition, the camera took the market by storm. Many professional photographers switched to Canon including me, cost of replacement of system with lenses was a cheaper option than buying a full frame camera of the existing system. And there was no compromise as far as quality and features were concerned.

The latest offering from Canon, EOS RP where P stands for Populaire or Popular intends to become a camera for masses, a full frame mirrorless camera, offered almost at the price of a high end crop sensor DSLR. Full Frame sensor offer fine image quality, better low light performance and shallower Depth of Field as compared to crop sensor and is a minimum benchmark for professional photographers.


Build & Quality

Weighing only 485 grams (including battery and memory card), EOS RP body is made of magnesium alloy and is is engineered to provide dust and moisture resistance. The camera is very compact and comfortable to hold, however for photographers who prefer a four finger grip, an extension grip can be attached (sold separately), the grip is useful and functional when a big or heavy lens is mounted.



Simplicity is the key design feature of this camera with very few buttons. Mode dial on the top and lay out of other control dials makes it very minimalistic. The vary angle LCD, similar to EOS R makes it easy to shoot at difficult angles.






Auto Focus

The EOS RP is equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus (AF) system, where every pixel on the entire image sensor is used for focus detection. With 88% horizontal coverage and 100% vertical coverage there are upto 4779 auto focus positions. The touch and drag option is similar to EOS R where choosing a focus point is enabled while seeing through the viewfinder. One feature which I found really handy is the “Spot Focus” option in AF which really helps in precise focussing especially working with tiny objects.






Image Quality 

The EOS RP features a new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor with approx. 26.2 megapixels and with a faster DIGIC 8 processor, the image quality is excellent.



Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO) enables corrections with respect to optical aberrations and any loss of resolution caused by the camera’s low pass filter. The Canon EOS RP is able to access lens profile information directly from RF lenses and use it in-camera for real time optimisation as soon as the photograph is taken which not only provides ready -to-use images but also results in saving time while editing the photographs on computer. For subjects like architecture where getting the lines straight is crucial, DLO is a boon taking care of barrel distortion while using a wide angle lens.





Low Light Performance

In all the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) protected monuments in India, tripods are not allowed without prior permission because of which taking photographs inside becomes a difficult task. The only way to get sharp photographs  is to increase ISO to get the safe shutter speed which results in noise. With a maximum ISO of 40,000, the camera performs quite well with very less visible noise.




Canon is always known for excellent reproduction of colours in the photographs and EOS RP is no exception. The brilliant colours of nature are captured with finest detail and vibrance.



Focus Bracketing

This feature undoubtedly is the highlight of EOS RP. While photographing objects at extreme close ups, the Depth of Field even at lower aperture is less which results in out of focus areas in the image. Also shooting at extreme low apertures, especially below f11 results in diffraction which may increase DoF but make the image softer.

The extremely simple to use “Focus Bracketing” optio, when enabled, take multiple shots at various focus points automatically and the images can be stacked using an editing software. Say bye to complicated traditional manual focus bracketing option when similar result is possible by a simple touch of a button.





Images on the left are taken at f11 where depth of field is less  and images on right are taken with focus bracketing option in the camera which has resulted in high depth of field making the objects sharper throughout.


Canon EOS RP is priced very competitively, At INR 1,10,495/- (body only), the camera is an excellent buy for someone planning to buy a full frame sensor camera. The pricing is almost in the range of a high end crop sensor camera and the added advantage is compatibility with all the existing EF and EFS lenses(with the adapter). Though some of the features which are present in EOS R are missing here but considering the price, EOS RP provides value for money. Lightweight, easy to handle and use, the camera is handy for all genres of photography and all kind of light situations. The photographs below are taken with the camera hand held and in available light coming through the window. 



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