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Profoto launched B10, an off camera flash, in Delhi today. Almost the size of a 28-70 lens, this surely must be the smallest and lightest in this category. With maximum power of 250 watts, equivalent to 5 Speedlites, it is powerful enough to work in harsh sunlight and unlike Speedlites it gives the option of continuous light with the facility of changing colour temperature which means that this can also be used as a video light.

The simple and minimalistic design with just 3 buttons makes off camera flash photography a cakewalk. With the Profoto app (currently available for iOS) the light can be operated through a smartphone too.

The battery operated flash can fire 400 flashes when fully charged and it takes maximum one and a half hour for charging to maximum power. No more working with electric cables running around in the studio or outdoors.

The light is part of the Profoto system which makes it compatible with other models, all light modifying accessories and also the Air Remote.

In studio or outdoors, B10 is a perfect light source for most of the genres of photography-wedding, portraiture, fashion, food, product…. and here size actually doesn’t matter.

These photographs are taken with the continuous light option and at different colour temperatures.

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Profoto B10

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