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Before, After and Afterwards. Dreams VS Reality 

Before getting into photography 

Why photography?

– Photography is cool and photographers are most sought after people 

– Want to be in a creative field, enough of my boring job in engineering or finance.

– Want to express my thoughts, my feelings through my images

– Education is fine but photography will help in getting a cool job in a lifestyle magazine operating out of a plush office headed by a super cool boss, like Ranbir Kapoor landed one  in ‘Wake Up Sid

– Want to follow my passion like Farhan in the movie ‘3 Idiots’

– A 9-5 job is not my cup of tea

– Want to travel, see the world, something similar to Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’

– Don’t want to be a part of the rat race 

– Fashion photography is so glamorous, will be surrounded by beautiful models. John Abraham looks amazing on the beach with his camera in the company of good looking girls in bikinis 

– Photography is an art 

After making photography as profession

– do I have to upgrade my equipment? Will this lens not work, the new one will cost a bomb

– Why should I buy the editing software, the pirated one is working perfectly on my computer 

– Don’t tell me that my existing computer can’t handle the latest software to edit the files created by my new equipment, need to upgrade 

– Now that I have the latest equipment, latest software and brand new computer, getting assignments will not be difficult 

– What? Lifestyle magazines work mostly with freelancers, no one told me this

– The experienced and senior photographers charge quite a lot, they also use the same equipment, I can also quote almost the same figure.

– Six months now and no assignment, must reduce my assignment charges to land some work

– No work still, can offer free services for a limited period or work on barter system, free lunch in lieu of food photography. Also it will give me experience and most importantly exposure.

– Shooting for online shopping portals, 300 products in a day, 5 angles each. Money is good but no creativity 

– Candid wedding photography seems like a happening thing, must give it a try. Have heard there is a lot of money in this. So what if involves working at odd hours and to be always on toes. And there are so many options here : pre-wedding, post-wedding like maternity, new born etc

– Even wedding photography has a lot of competition, don’t mind working with a team of photographers, doesn’t matter if it is not candid, at least getting a hang of it. Birthday parties & even other events photography will do.

– 10000 photos, shortlisting and editing, this will be minimum 4 days in front of computer without any break

– You don’t like the photographs? I worked so hard to get them, spent a lot of time on editing and you will not pay. This is not done, pay at least 50% to recover my costs.

An afterthought 

Now that I am in this profession for a year now, know everything related to it, time to get into teaching photography, let me start with a workshop or maybe a photo tour. 


This is a reality which many photographers are dealing with today, there is no intention to discourage people to chose photography as profession. Photography like any other field is highly competitive, require investment of money and time and has a gestation period to get returns. There is nothing like instant results, every day is a learning experience and persistence is the key to success. 
Jaane bhi do yaaron