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My father always said-construction workers are like rats, when they enter the house it is very difficult to get rid of them. This applies to painters also, they come with your invitation and leave at their discretion. They will continue to work at their own pace till time time they get another painting project.



“Pain” is an integral part of “painting” when it comes to getting the house painted, and this “pain” is experienced after almost every 5 years or so. Unlike the pain at the time of tooth extraction which is experienced only by the sufferer, this pain is experienced by all the members in the family. Typically, the process involves a lot of planning and includes deciding on time of the year for going through the  “painful” experience, choosing the “reliable” painters, finalising the colour, shades and wall finishes. And there is every possibility that this pain will last longer than the planned period, as committed by the “Painter-in-charge”.

Express Painting” offered by Berger Paints helps in reducing the pain to quite an extent. No, it will not reduce the fights between the family members while making the choice of colour or shade (mera wala pink or mera wala blue) but will surely ease the process of hiring the painters, offering professional help in choosing the right variety of paint and most importantly help in reducing the duration of painting job. The reduction in time is possible on account of automated painting process undertaken by the trained painters ( yes, the painters go through training by Berger Paints). The sanding machine  attached to a vacuum cleaner as compared to rubbing of sand paper for smoothening walls ensures clean air during painting time. High pressure washers, Multiple mixers, Auto rollers, Airless paint sprayers are some other equipments which are used to provide a “Faster, Cleaner, Better” painting solution.




But is it expensive, costly as compared to the traditional way of getting the house painted? The answer is actually NO, the reduced numbers of days compensate for the professional automated process which “Express Painting” offers. This can easily be verified by taking the cost estimate from both-Berger  and the local painter, before finalising.

And  genuinity of paints is guaranteed which at times is doubtful when buying from a retailer on the recommendation of local painter.  Further, to assure quality and ultimate satisfaction to the customer, there are mechanisms in place to rate the service provided by the painters suggested by Berger.

So in the era of T20 matches start enjoying the joy of watching a 5 days test match, hire the best team for providing house painting solutions. Fight over your favourite team or player- colour or shade , these fights bring the families together. Add colour to your lives without going through the pain of ‘pain’ting.




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