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Month of May in Delhi is the time of peak summer. The western hot wind ‘loo’ in the afternoon is unbearable, torturous. 

The person collecting toll tax is working patiently and attending to all kinds of vehicles, all kinds of people. And he is wearing a tie. 
A necktie ?
The person responsible for designing the uniform of staff at this toll plaza must be a sadist, a person who derives pleasure out of pain of others. 

What purpose is the necktie serving is beyond the understanding of a normal brain. Instead of wearing a comfortable attire, the staff members are forced to wear something which has nothing to do with the nature of work they are performing. Rather than looking ‘smart’ they appear totally out of place,out of context. 

In corporate world, hospitality industry necktie is an essential accessory rather a style statement. But one can see the students studying business management or hotel management , even at schools sporting an untidy tie improperly knotted with the top button of the shirt open. Does it have anything to do with discipline or does it ensure churning out of smart students. 
In a country like ours where most of year it is warm or humid it does not make any sense to follow the legacy of ‘Raj’ or ape the West. 
A person in a smart shirt or a nice T shirt with a smile is likely to make the same impression as compared to a person wearing a business suit in a shopping mall or a restaurant. 
Tie may be a norm for a formal business meeting taking place in an air conditioned environment but traveling in public transport wearing a tie is nothing but a punishment.
By the way the person who collected toll tax issued the receipt with a big smile, happily posed for the photograph,unfazed by the knot around his neck.

Disclaimer: In first 13 years of my career in profession in Finance I was hardly seen without a tie. Have hardly worn one in last 16 years as a photographer. 

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