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Indian Superfoods-Rujuta Diwekar

Just finished reading this book which I received in the afternoon.

Busts many myths about the food we eat and we avoid,things as simple as ghee,rice and sugar. Talks about food practices prevailing for centuries but are getting overshadowed by nutrition and diet fads which are updated  after every few years. Soya Bean was once considered the superfood especially for vegetarians, currently Olive Oil is the most healthiest option when it comes to fat. Theories about Cholestrol have  undergone a major change in recent times. The gullible people are  taken for a ride by the people associated with food, health and nutrition business. 

Food trends like fashion have been changing  and this book insists on sticking to the traditional and classic which is evergreen. Every region has local foods which are most suitable for the local population but because of so called ‘nutrition and health researches’ these are often ignored and food habits are changed for the bad. 

‘ Future foods are local foods-and people in the developing world would give up eating the local food because it’s less prestigious to eat them’   an excerpt.
A nicely written book in plain and simple language, concepts well explained with scientific facts. Highly recommended for everyone associated with food, nutrition, health, fitness which almost cover all. It is high time to change the way we eat.