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I don’t call myself a blogger though I do have a blog of my own and I try to post on regular basis, some random thoughts,some random photographs and a bit of of ‘gyan‘/sharing knowledge which I feel might be useful to others. I have limited followers but must of them are organic, I have not spent a single dime on my blog either for taking up the professional version or for buying the followers . 

Being a part of a leading bloggers group I happen to receive an invite for a product launch event which was taking place in one of the most prestigious 5 star hotel . At the designated time I was the only one at the location other than the organisers. Slowly people ( bloggers) started trickling in,most of them were young,less than 25 years,carrying a backpack. Some had ‘I am a blogger’ or something similar written on their T Shirts and somehow I got this feeling that their communication skills are very poor by observing their mannerism,movements and interactions. 

When there were enough bloggers present on the scene,the event started. The MC announced the hashtag for the launch and most of these young people frantically started working on their cell phones and laptops. The presentation made by the Senior management team of the company launching the product had some highlighted keywords and most of the people were tweeting these keywords along with the hashtag mentioned earlier. There was a big monitor on one side of the venue which was displaying all the tweets.

So far so good, it was an excellent event,the celebrity speakers while entertaining the audience conveyed the company’s message loud and clear.

And then the presentations ended with a thanks note from the organisers. A few bloggers rushed to get their selfies clicked with the celebrity speakers but most rushed to form the queue for the food ( high tea ) which was being served . There was a total chaos and the bloggers felt as if there is no tomorrow . The hotel staff was refilling the containers quickly and all these people were filling the plates with whatever was available even more quickly. There were groups, the regulars, who ensured that who ever in the group gets a chance to get near the food should fill the plate with whatever is available . And the food got over very soon and some people ( including me) could hardly get anything to eat.

Now came the most important part of the event, there was one exit point and everyone was getting a T Shirt with company logo but the bloggers were not happy, they wanted the product also for free, saw a few people arguing and fighting with the organisers ( the product is not cheap and the company cannot afford to give 200 samples for free). 

This all left a bad taste and while sharing this experience with a friend who is a respected blogger, I was told that this has become a norm. Most of these young so called bloggers get paid per tweet, so more tweets they make,more merrier they are. Blogging also is more commercial, it is no longer a personal and honest opinion of the blogger, it is driven by the market and demands of the clients or the organisers of such events.
PS: I have a lot of friends who are in serious blogging for many years now, they actually share their personal views, call spade a spade, do not get enticed by the freebies on offer. They are the ones who are still able to maintain the sanctity in this profession which otherwise would have lost all the respect. I would like to have their views on this post, would like them to correct me if I have mentioned something wrong and most importantly change my views on the ‘blogging & tweeting business’. 

And I also happen to know a few very famous bloggers-real big names who charge a hefty fees to write about a product / store. And they are the ones who are not going to like this .
Happy tweeting & happy blogging !