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The locals in Himachal Pradesh call it Khatta which translated in English means sour. A citrus fruit,size of an orange found in abundance in the hills, is too sour to eat directly and also the skin is too thick to bite into.

But a pickle made out of this works wonders for this fruit. Cut into small pieces mixed with sugar,salt,red chillies and most importantly ajwain (Carom) and left in sun in a glass jar for a month brings out a perfect sweet and sour taste,almost like chutney. And since the skin is thick and slightly bitter, it adds a bit of crunch and another flavour similar to orange marmalade.

Steamed rice,yellow dal and Khatta pickle make a perfect meal for a lazy afternoon in summers. 

Simply delicious.

Recipe: cut 4 khatta into small pieces and put them in a glass jar.

Add 2 tablespoons salt,10 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon red chillies and 2 teaspoons ajwain.

Keep the jar in sunlight for around a month (Winter  & Spring,time will reduce in Summer).

Shake the jar daily. 

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