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It was early morning,much before the sun even started getting ready to rise. She was lying down lifeless on the road near the temple ,face facing down. The bright red saree she was wearing was glowing under the yellow halogen street lamps. It was a case of hit and run. She had offered prayers in the temple, came out with a puja thali in her hands and was hit by a speeding vehicle, may be by a drunk night reveller going back home after partying hard. 

Around the same time, somewhere on the Indian border, up on the mountains in freezing temperatures, a soldier was fighting a lone battle with infiltrators. His fellow soldiers died in front of his eyes.It was a fierce fight with the enemy,bullets were just passing by him continuously and rapidly.It was a miracle that he survived the battle,all infiltrators were killed.

All this time he was thinking about this wife,they were married only for six months. Last night only she called and excitedly spoke about the Karwa Chauth fast she was going to keep,she was concerned about his safety and always prayed for his long life.

After the fight he went back to his unit,exhausted both mentally and physically. He desperately wanted to call his wife,wanted to check her condition during the fast. He also cared for her and cared for her wellbeing .

The Commanding Officer of the Unit was waiting for him near the gate. He was surprised to his boss,may be the news of his heroics has reached the Unit.

And then the Commanding Officer broke the news…..