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At the launch of iPhone 5s Apple claimed that bigger pixels in the camera means better photographs but the company is contradicting itself at the launch of iPhone 6s & 6s plus.

Source : Keynote address iPhone 5s launch

The pixel size has actually reduced in the camera of new launches. It has come down to 1.22 microns from 1.5 microns (almost by 19 %)

Will this affect the picture quality especially in low light ??

Technically speaking,yes. The bigger pixels work better in low light but it has to be seen how Apple has tweaked the phone software to handle the image quality in low light situations.

Some questions which come to mind:

So does Apple also joins the megapixels race ?

Will this really affect the quality of image or it is just another marketing gimmick ?

(Between iPhone 5s & iPhone 6 there was no noticeable difference in the quality of images as they both have the same sensor with same resolution)