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Photography is all about observation and making ordinary things appear extraordinary in the photographs.

So how does one go about making things look different in the image,different from what the human eye will see or may not see at all?

The key to good composition in photography is exploration.

Exploring in terms of:

Light: hard vs soft,direction,shadows.

Viewpoint: a small  change in the point of view, slightly going top or lowering the angle,slight shift to right or left can change the way subject will look in the photograph.

Aspect Ratio: The camera has a certain fixed aspect ratio. Trying out various aspect ratios can make major changes. This can be done by cropping while post processing the photograph.

Colour or Black & White: Some photographs will look better in black and white & vice versa.

Sharing some photographs of the same subject taken keeping in mind the above mentioned points. Each photograph has a different feel, they can be put together in a group as a story or can be used individually.


Here is another example of exploration,changing the viewpoint and aspect ratio has worked  here.


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