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Many movies have been made in Bollywood where protagonist is a photographer. There are some songs and films which touched the ‘photography soul’ in me.

1.My all time favourite photography song is ‘ Main Tasveer Utaarta Hoon’ from the movie ‘Heera Panna’

Dev Anand is fashion photographer and  can bee seen using multiple cameras- Nikon , Nikomat, Pentax and Hasselblad medium format one where he changes the film roll(120 format) also.I think in one scene he uses a macro lens where he takes an extreme close up of face of Zeenat Aman. His assistant climbs up the tree to see his boss enjoying photographing the beautiful model.

It surely is ‘Fashion Photographer’ song which inspired a lot of people to make an attempt at fashion and glamour photography. With the techniques shown in the song,they must have tasted success quite early in their career.

I was very young( around 9-10 years old) when this movie was released. It was the age of Radio and Vividh Bharti. This song played very often and photography was just an imagination.
Watch the video here: Main Tasveer Utaarta Hoon 
2. Naseeruddin Shah & Ravi Baswani in ‘ Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’ .

In this movie , the lead actors Naseer & Ravi start a photography studio. Glamour photography is on their mind but they also do street photography to participate in a photography contest to get the prize winning money to sustain.They are hired by a news paper editor to expose corruption in Land & Building Department and nexus between builders and officials.

I saw this movie when I was in school but somehow the thought of taking photography as a career never came to my mind.

3. Naseeruddin Shah in ‘Ijaazat

In this film made by Gulzar,Naseeruddin Shah is shown as a freelance advertisement photographer( he travels for campaigns) who has his own dark room and is shown making prints under red light with an apron.

I had started working in the field of Finance when I watched the movie. This has been one of my favourite movies. In the movie, Naseer’s wife’s name is Sudha and so is my wife’s, so I can always relate to this movie, though my wife does not hold my camera like this.

4. Ranbir Kapur in ‘Wake Up Sid’ .

Belonging to a rich family,Ranbir owns a DSLR. He does mostly street photography and his wake up call comes when he is thrown out of his by his father and starts working as intern in a magazine where is girl friend is also working. He takes lot of her photographs and they take selfies also using a DSLR,

When the movie was released,I had switched my profession from Finance to Photography. I could relate to Ranbir’s first published photograph to my first published photograph( though in my case photo credit was given to another photographer by mistake ).

5. Madhavan in ‘ 3 Idiots’


A passionate wildlife photographer who is forced to study Engineering by his strict father. After graduation,he pursues his passion, assists a well known International wildlife photographer and after a few years publishes many photo books on nature & wildlife.

This movie changed the mindset of many students and professionals who thought they are in the wrong line or industry and got into serious photography-follow the passion and success will follow. Not sure how many got an opportunity to intern with International Photographer or brought out any book.

Well actually some of them got into wedding photography and are bringing out coffee table books( wedding albums) by dozens.

© for photographs: reserved with the respective film makers

© text: Ravi Dhingra