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More Than Equal- Women at Nizamuddin Dargah

by Ravi Dhingra

You cannot enter without covering your head…the sign at Dargah says so..but wait … even with head covered you cannot enter if you are a woman-that’s the other sign at the entrance of Mausoleum says .This exclusion for religious reasons does not deter women from entering the shrine.They may not be allowed to enter the Mausoleum but there presence can be felt over the place.The corridors and open spaces around the Mausoleum are filled with women of all ages,religions,castes.They can be seen worshipping,bowing their heads,reading the holy scriptures,getting mesmerized in qawalis,Tying holy threads for fulfillment of their wishes.The faces may be happy,anxious,sad but the hope is there. Things are going to be alright after all….


ⓒ Ravi Dhingra 2012

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