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I drove a train to heaven

One night inside my dream

It didn’t run on diesel 

It didn’t run on steam

The power came from heaven

That made that engine strong

My helper was an angel

So nothing could go wrong

(Chorus, repeat)

The dreamer has the power

To drive that train above

But God sits in the tower

If it’s to run on love

They came from many nations

To take the train that day

They all had reservations

Their tickets marked one way

They had their destination

At heaven’s Pearly Gate

They came into the station

And not one soul was late

(Chorus, repeat)

I hope the Great Trainmaster

Will keep me on this run

To take more souls to heaven

When earthly chores are done

My friends you can believe me

This is a busy line

And it will keep on running

Until the ends of time

(Chorus, repeat)

Poem by Richard Doiron

Click here for Author’s Notes :Train to heaven