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WMD-Weapon of Mosquitoes Destruction 

Mosquitoes love human beings..especially after sundown when they are looking for “happy hours”..they get high on the variety of blood offered..male blood,female blood,B+,blood of a vegetarian(preferred on tuesdays & other religious days) etc etc..the choice is endless & they enjoy mixing drinks. Also the rule “don’t drink & fly” does not apply to these creatures especially sent on earth by God to check population explosion.

Humans are quite smart..they believe in the saying “there are no free drinks in this world”. Since mosquitoes are of no use to Homo sapiens,they need to be killed was the unanimous decision taken by the ‘Federation of Mankind’ (‘Federation of Womankind’ was the ladies wing which gave their stamp of approval after lot of deliberations-they were not in favor of killing the female version of mosquitoes ). From time to time various methods and devices have been devised to indulge in the sport of mosquitoes killing. As these are not endangered species WWF & other similar organisations have not objected to this popular sport.

The most common and eco friendly way of killing is clapping of the hands in the air with chance of a mosquito getting caught in between. But this is not fool proof and there is a lot of ‘HIT & TRIAL’ involved.. In the recent times a WMD has hit the markets..it is a tennis racquet shaped device with aluminium mesh. Powered by a rechargeable battery,this device emits a current when the button is pressed. Swinging the racquet with button pressed like in real tennis sport will result in killing a few ‘merry making drunk souls’ who cross the path. An effective non-polluting device , this can offer very mild shock to human beings also( one can be tricked into touching the mesh with a finger-don’t try this with your angry spouse)


I tried killing houseflies with this but it seems that they are much smarter. They are intelligent enough not to come in way of the swing and even if they come,they don’t die. I guess they lose their mind because they just drop on floor and shake vigorously with a buzzing sound. May be ROFLOL is a term inspired from this behavior.

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